Terms & Conditions

FireAds Affiliate Network Terms & Conditions


1. General Provisions


1.       These Terms & Conditions define the conditions of cooperation between FireAds affiliate network, hereinafter called Affiliate Network, Service or FireAds and the registered users of the service, hereinafter called Publishers.

2.       FireAds affiliate network is available under the address www.FireAds.org and is the property of FireMedia Aneta Kiljanczyk, registered at Plock, ul. Górna 42b lok. 13, Poland, NIP 774-274-16-23.


2. Definitions


Affiliate network - an Internet platform for Advertisers that offer products and services, and Publishers that conduct marketing and advertising actions to promote Advertiser for a determined commission.

Advertiser - an economic entity that signs an agreement about provision of services and sharing affiliate programs with FireAds Publishers, and this deal is signed with FireMedia company.

Publisher (website user) - is an individual or a company that promotes products or services offered by Advertiser with the use of his or her website or another kind of marketing activity.

Affiliate Program (advertising campaign) - a promotional offer given to FireAds by Advertiser for it to be promoted online and to obtain new customers. It is usually available on the website that belongs and is attended by the Advertiser who sets up the rules of the campaign unilaterally.

Affiliate Program Promotion - all options provided by the advertiser in order to obtain customers, such as advertising banner on Publisher's own website, mailings, discussion boards activity, and any other marketing activities allowed in terms of that particular affiliate campaign.

LEAD - an action, confirmed by Advertiser, completed by User who visits Advertiser's website via Publisher's website in accordance with the rules of the affiliate program. A lead can be, for example, filling in a certain application, e-mail subscription, signing up to Advertiser's website etc.

SELL-LEAD - an action, confirmed by Advertiser, completed by User who visits Advertiser's website via Publisher's website in accordance with the rules of the affiliate program. As opposed to lead, sell-lead is a purchase of a certain product or service to which User is redirected from Publisher's website.

Landing Page - a certain content of the website that belongs to Advertiser.

CPL - a way of calculating commission to Publisher's account for a certain valid action (so-called lead) such as signing up, signing up + certain action expected by Advertiser.

CPS - a way of calculating commission to Publisher's account for a certain purchase or a different kind of paid transactions to Advertiser by the end customer.

Chat - a certain area of Dashboard used for communication between publishers.

Dashboard - a part of Affiliate Network which contains the basic information about the Commission, Account Balance, Affiliate Campaign promotion statistics.

Balance - a sum of all commissions obtained from the confirmed affiliate campaigns.

Minimum to withdraw - a minimum sum of earned commission a Publisher must reach to request a payout.

Available to Payout - a sum that User can request to withdraw at a certain moment of time through the payment method of their choice.

Fraud - a series of unwanted actions that do not follow the rules of the Affiliate Program carried out by Publisher who aims at creating false leads or transactions that harm FireAds or Advertiser.

User - every individual who commits certain actions (usually a click on a certain ad on Publisher's website that redirects to the website of Advertiser who pays for the action).

Direct Link - a link placed on Publisher's website / blog, the click on which triggers a certain action (usually redirecting to Advertiser's target page).

Target Page - Advertiser's website provided in the process of acceptance to FireAds affiliate program, officially presented on affiliate program's platform as the advertised website.

Fake Traffic - is false (or falsely triggered) clicks, contacts, leads, sell-leads that have not been accepted by Advertiser or FireMedia and are usually a conscious violation of Terms & Conditions.

Click - a certain action which is a choice of links, banners or other forms of advertising made by User on Publisher's website that redirect them to Advertiser's target page.


3. Website functioning rules


1.       In order to join FireAds affiliate network, one must sign up on www.FireAds.org for free. Signing up is carried out through filling in a registration form available at www.FireAds.org. User sets up an individual password used to sign in to the Dashboard.

a.       Publisher represented by a company must provide the following data: company name, address, tax ID, bank account number or any e-wallet accepted by FireAds.

b.       Publisher represented by an individual must provide the following data: name, last name, bank account number or any e-wallet accepted by FireAds.

c.       Both individual and corporate publishers can provide additional data that promotes communication between them and administration, for example: address, instant messengers (Skype, Telegram, GG etc).

d.       The rules on storing and protecting personal data at FireAds are presented in the Privacy Policy attachment.

2.       Upon signing in to Dashboard, Publishers have access to the affiliate campaigns they can promote. Some campaigns require additional permission from the administration - one must apply for a permission on Dashboard. Every Publisher gets their own promotional link to a certain affiliate campaign. In case the chosen campaign is completed correctly, the Publisher gets the commission. FireAds User can also use provided banners that are uniquely linked to Publisher who can place them on their own website. Publishers have an opportunity to check the Landing Page of every advertising campaign available.

3.       FireAds Users can communicate via the chat upon logging in to the Dashboard. However, it is forbidden to use offensive language or promote any other affiliate networks (in private messages as well). It is considered as an action against FireAds and is punished by an instant block of access to the chat.

4.       FireAds Affiliate Network Publishers have an opportunity to promote the Service. Such promotion is rewarded by 5% commission of referral's income. The referral can however cancel the link with the referrer at any moment.

5.       Contact with FireAds  administration is available upon logging in to the Dashboard but also via e-mail and instant messengers such as Skype, Telegram etc.

4. Commission

1.       Publisher gets the commission for every valid completed lead of every campaign, and this commission gets added to the Balance. As soon as the commission is transferred to the 'Available to payout' , Publisher can request the payout.

2.       Publisher can withdraw the money via regular bank transfer in the following currency: USD, EUR, PLN. Payouts in USD and EUR may cost additional bank fee. User can also request a payout via PayPal,  Revolut in USD, EUR, PLN.

3. Payments are carried out within the following terms:

a.       Standard - up to 14 working days upon the request;(max. 4 per month)

b.       Fast (15% fee) - up to 48 working hours upon the request;

c.       Instant (20% fee) - up to 1 working hour upon the request;


4.       Corporate Publishers can provide VAT invoice and send it via e-mail to artur.kiljanczyk@FireMedia.pl or use invoice generator in Dashboard.

5.       Polish website users who pay lump sum rental tax on registered income can generate bills (one should fill in the number according to the own sequence).

6.       Payment may be rejected and returned to Publisher's account in case the payment details are not full or contain errors.

7.       If Publisher's account after frauds evaluation or rejection of previously confirmed leads has balance lower than 0, payment will not be sent.


5. Forbidden Actions

1.       Any actions against FireAds are forbidden, especially:

a.       Generation of false traffic that would cause negative effects on the relationships between FireAds  and Advertisers;

b.       Promotion of competitors' websites among FireAds publishers;

c.       Accusation and calumny of FireAds;

d.       Generation of leads via dishonest ways or against the widely accepted ethical rules.

2.       In case actions against FireAds, the Publisher will be instantly blocked.


6. Rights and Obligations of FireMedia Company


1.       FireMedia company is obliged to monitor actively and register the traffic between Publishers, Publisher's website and Advertiser's Target Page. On the basis of the registered effects, the company will set a commission to pay Publisher for providing advertising campaign of advertiser's certain affiliate program.

2.       FireMedia company provides its Publishers a special statistics panel in which they can in real time analyze and track statistics of website's traffic the value of which is the basis for proper calculation of commission to Publisher for the achieved results.

3.       FireMedia company is fully obliged to provide reliable results of Publisher's affiliate program and prepare the periodical financial reports on the payments made to Publishers.


7. Rights and Obligations of Publishers


1.       Every FireAds affiliate network Publisher is completely responsible for the accordance of their websites/blogs with the generally accepted legislation. Publisher's violation of the law is the reason for automatic removal of the Publisher from FireAds affiliate network.

2.       Publisher confirms and takes full legal responsibility and accepts all consequences for the personal data and the data on their website provided during the application to affiliate network. FireAds affiliate network is not responsible for inconsistent or incompatible data.

3.       By agreeing to the presented terms and willing to take part in the program, Publisher declares that they own full rights to all content placed on their own website/blog and that they do not violate the rights of third parties - copyright, property rights, or intellectual property rights. All content that is uploaded cannot be commonly considered as offensive or illegal according to Polish law. At the same time, Publisher confirms that the content of their website are of their own creation or they have obtained a permission from the third parties, and they correspond to the law.

4.       Publisher is completely responsible for all the equipment they need to carry out the necessary actions in accordance with the current Rules and the agreement with FireMedia's conditions.

5.       Publisher commits to fair cooperation with FireMedia, not using illegal software or other devices used to generate false traffic on their website.

6.       Publishers are forbidden to modify Advertiser's Target Page without Advertiser's consent. Every Publisher to violate this rules will be blocked and his balance will be reduced to 0.

7.       Publishers are not allowed to use prepaid cards, virtual cards or any other means of cheating during registration in order to sign up to the Service multiple times from many devices or with one or multiple IP addresses.


8. FireMedia Company Responsibility


1.       FireMedia is completely free of any responsibility for any technical breaks or temporary errors in FireAds website functioning. However, the Company is still responsible for fastest maintenance and improvement of service quality.

2.       FireMedia Company is not responsible for the commission for Publishers who have provided mistaken personal data and the data necessary to implement transfers.

3.       FireMedia Company is not responsible for the situations in which Advertisers that have registered their partnership programs on FireAds affiliate network do not fulfill their responsibilities or violate the Rules.


9. Termination of Agreement and Period of Validity


1.       Every agreement between Publisher and FireMedia comes into force at the moment when Publisher accepts all paragraphs of the current agreement and after his acquires the status of Publisher.

2.       Publisher may terminate cooperation at any time and close their account through contacting Administration.

3.       FireMedia company and Advertiser that has advertisements presented on the website have a right to terminate the deal with the Publisher that will come into force immediately in the following cases:

A.      Publisher consciously violates Terms & Conditions or fails to comply to agreement conditions;

B.      Publisher carries out illegal activity;

C.      Publisher carries out actions that are not mentioned in Terms & Conditions but cause obvious harm to FireAds;

D.      Publisher uses illegal software to generate false traffic while promoting and advertising campaign;

E.       Publisher's website does not generate any traffic for more than one calendar year;

F.       Publisher's website contains materials that are commonly considered to be abusive, vulgar, protected by copyright law, belong to third parties, propagate hatred, conflicts or racism or if the aim of those materials is to distribute illegal software or malware.

4.       FireAds company has a full right to terminate the agreement with Publisher with a notice sent at least 14 days prior to termination.

5.       In case the agreement is terminated immediately, and a real reason of Publisher's suspension from advertising activity is provided, the funds obtained by the Publisher will be transferred to FireMedia company to be used for development purposes and in order to cover all the legal consequences caused by the Publisher.


10. Final Statements


1.       FireMedia company is the only owner of all the content published on its website. All trademarks, copyrights, property rights, expert and intellectual knowledge, software and other means of advertising are property of FireMedia company, and any unauthorized use of these materials is prohibited. According to the legislation in force, Publisher may not obtain any longterm rights to the mentioned above protected materials except for the right to use the links to Advertiser's Target Pages during their cooperation with FireMedia company in accordance with the rules stated in Terms & Conditions.

2.       Publisher may terminate cooperation at any time and close their account through contacting Administration.

3.       While the agreement between Publisher and FireMedia is in force, and during 24 months after it's termination, Publisher is obliged to preserve complete confidentiality of the information presented to them as for implementation and approval of deals.

4.       All cases undetermined by Agreement or Terms & Conditions are regulated by Polish civil code.

5.       All disputes that may arise during cooperation between both sides will be settled amicably. In case amicable solution is impossible to solve a conflict, it will be settled in local court of law.

6.       Publisher will be informed about all changes and updates of Terms & Conditions and Agreement via e-mail or FireAds affiliate network website.

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