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Appendix No. 1 of the Regulations -  FireAds Privacy Policy

The privacy policy ensures security for every user on Using the website, you accept the terms of the Privacy policy.

                1. Application and agreement to the statements

1. The Administrator of personal data, in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), is Firemedia Aneta Kiljańczyk registered in Płock, ul. Górna 42b/13, Poland NIP 774-276-14-23, hereinafter referred to as ‘FireADS’ or ‘Administrator’.

2. The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to define the actions taken by the Administrator in terms of personal data collected through the use of, the mobile application, and related services and tools used by Users to perform activities such as signing up on the website and performing a series of other activities related to the abovementioned functions. All the activities stated in this paragraph are subject to the relevant legal provisions that apply to data protection. Data protection is carried out in accordance with the EU legislation.

                2. Obtaining, Collecting and Storing Personal Data

1. The Users that create an account in the service will have to provide certain information such as e-mail address and password. In the process of registration, Users may voluntarily provide additional data such as first name, last name, address, messengers contact data, as well as the information required for payouts – for example, Paypal address or bank account number.

2. Administrator, in terms of the service, may store personal data of the Users in order to ensure the contact between the Support Department and Publisher.

3. Service Provider has a right to automatically collect and register the data sent to the server via web browsers or mobile devices. The data collected may include IP address, software and hardware parameters, previously visited websites, device ID number, information on the use of applications on mobile devices and other information about the devices and their systems. Collection of the abovementioned information is carried out during the use of the Service via browser, mobile application, or third-party services. This is necessary to identify the potential threats such as false traffic generation or frauds.

4. The administrator may process contact details such as e-mail address, phone number, messengers contact data in order to inform the user about activities performed. User may receive urgent and important information from advertisers, information about a failed payment, or automatic notifications about an acquired lead.

                 3. IP Address, Cookies, and device ID

1. Administrator is entitled to collect data on the Website via such technologies as cookies, tracking pixels and objects shared locally (e.g. in a browser or device). Cookies are small text files that store data locally on a computer, mobile phone or other devices of the User. Pixels are small images that are part of the website code. They allow another server to carry out actions such as counting website visits and are often used with cookies.

2. Cookies let the www server store the information such as settings or preferences of the computer, smartphone or another device of the User which is used during User’s following visits.

3. Administrator may allow third parties such as advertisers’ analytical solution providers to obtain the information with the use of abovementioned technologies on the web pages or in the mobile application of the Service. The collected data are subject to the Privacy Policy provisions of those legal entities.

                 4. The Use of Obtained Data

1. Administrator is entitled to use data obtained and stored by the Service with the following purposes:

To provide the service for Users, including registration of new accounts, solving technical problems and providing the necessary functions;

To adjust offers and website presentation to the User, including FireADS own advertisements and the advertisements of third parties;

To track the activity of all or particular Users, for example their movement management on the Website;

To contact Users in order to provide the Service, User support, carry out permitted marketing actions through the available ways of communication such as but not limited to e-mail and telephone;

To carry out analysis in order to improve the services available to the User;

To check whether the User follows the Terms of Use to avoid frauds and violations.

2. Administrator stores the data obtained and tracked in the service only to carry out the business purposes mentioned in this article.

                 5. Providing Access to Data

1. Administrator does not provide the collected User data to third parties without User’s consent. However, Administrator keeps the right to provide the data to the legal Public Services such as the Police Office or Office of Public Prosecutor upon their request.

2. In terms of this Privacy Policy, Administrator may not sell the User personal data to third parties. In case the owner of the Service changes, the stored User personal data may be transferred to the new owner in order to secure continuous service provision.

                 6. User’s Control of Data

1. Users who have created an account have a right to view, edit or remove the data they have provided. Users hereby agree that the data they have provided in the Service are up to date.

                 7. Security

1. All the data obtained by the Administrator are protected with the use of rational technical organizational means and security procedures in order to protect them from unauthorized access or unauthorized use.

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