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How to start earning online?

Fireads is an affiliate network which consists not only of publishers but also of advertisers from all around the world. Our main goal is to provide high quality advertisements that would bring remarkable outcomes. It is the reason we are trusted by thousands of partners. This number has been constantly increasing since our debut on affiliate market. We do our best to provide full support to our partners to succeed further, together.

How to start earning online?

The first step is to register an account. Right after registration, you gain access to the eye-catchy User Panel with all the important information and necessary tools.

Affiliate campaigns

Do you know our Dashboard better than the back of your hand? Pick one of the affiliate campaigns you want to start promoting. Just choose a program from the Campaign menu which suits you best and is the most interesting for your visitors. If you have doubts which one suits most, don't hesitate to ask your Account Manager. His contact data can be found right after logging in to User Panel.

Earn online

Have you found your affiliate campaign to start earning money? Now all you have to do is to share your unique link to the campaign. Every time a user completes a lead you can receive up to €350 of commission (the amount varies for every campaign, check campaign's details).

Withdraw your commission

As soon as we complete verification of your commission, you are able to withdraw it to your PayPal account or via a traditional bank transfer. Express withdrawals take up only a few hours – so you can enjoy the money the following day!

Develop your skills!

Share your own experience and get new one with the best users in our groups, discussion board or chat in User Panel. Join the group of the best members today!

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Types of campaign in affiliate network


Partner gets paid every time his visitor completes an action specified by advertiser, campaign's author.


Payment is acquired as a commission of every product or service offered by advertiser in particular campaign. In this model, thanks to cookies left in visitor's browser, you can get paid even 30 days after someone clicked on your reflink or banner.


The most popular model of work is cost per lead, probably due to being one of the oldest and most common one on affiliate websites.


In this model, partner gets paid (collects LEAD) each time a (usually unique) visitor installs the specified application or software on a specified device (PC, mobile etc.). In this model, the visitor is not charged at all. Advertiser pays only for confirmed installations.


Partner gets paid if advertiser collects contact data or gets a registration from a visitor on his website. In this model, we can distinguish two options – SOI (single opt-in) – user is supposed to type in his e-mail address without confirmation or DOI (Double-opt-in) where the user has to confirm his e-mail address by clicking on the confirmation link or typing in the secret code from e-mail. .

About us

Looking for a perfect affiliate network for yourself? You would like to start earning online but you don't know how? Join the leading brand - FireAds - and start your journey with us! We offer campaigns for each and every market, high commissions and conversions. We develop with the successful affiliate network while creating one of the strongest publishing/advertising agencies in the world. Register today and be successful with us.

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